Make your concrete drying process a non-issue with moisture sensors

Place the sensor in your concrete. Get accurate, automatic moisture measurements without destructive drilling. Monitor the clear graphs and know when the concrete is dry and ready for the next step – with proof that your construction holds quality years later.

The old way

Moisture is a beast to tackle. It fills projects with delays and costly surprises. The concrete must be dry, but you rely on guesses without testing. Or pay for multiple expensive drilling tests before the final certification. If your concrete isn’t drying as it should, you resort to last-minute panic drying to hit deadlines – and that’s inefficient.

The InviSense way

Install the sensor into your concrete slab and measure moisture instantly. Get complete control over your dry-out process to plan your heating for maximum efficiency and cost savings. You always know the relative humidity with the sensor in your concrete. Even for new eco-friendly concrete products. And no more multiple drilling tests. Only one for final certification.

Hands down, the best way to measure humidity and temperature in concrete


The ConcreteSensor

With this robust battery-powered marvel, you get precise humidity and temperature measurements across three levels. The active sensor technology also gives you the benefit of continuous monitoring for up to two years. Or longer with less frequent measurements. And with InviSense cloud, you can easily tap into detailed, real-time data on your concrete's drying process from anywhere.

Key features

  • Damage-free moisture measurement at three different depths
  • Temperature measurement with automatic data collection
  • Secure and long-lasting installation with hand-screw setup
  • Real-time moisture status visualization
  • Non-destructive to the concrete

Questions? Answers.

We know a few things about moisture control, the construction industry, and how construction managers can avoid project delays. We're to help. Get in touch.

How often does the ConcreteSensor give me relative humidity measurements?

Get relative humidity readings for concrete as often as you want. Choose the measurement frequency you prefer for each sensor in the online service.

When do I install the ConcreteSensor?

You can install the ConcreteSensor as soon as you have poured the concrete. Place the sensor in the concrete within two hours and get moisture readings instantly.

Discover a construction project booster

Moisture is easy to control with the right tools. See how the InviSense sensors can simplify decision-making, cut project time, and make your concrete drying process a non‑issue. Contact us, and one of our experts will be on the other side to help you.

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