The story of InviSense

Moisture has always been a massive problem in construction. It’s one of the greatest causes of construction delays and rising costs.

And the traditional ways of measuring the relative humidity in concrete and screed are destructive, expensive, and time‑consuming.


Oh, how times change.

In 2005, PEAB, the third largest construction company in Sweden and the Nordic region, worked on a large-scale project. Moisture problems were everywhere. And they could not measure moisture in thin layers without destructive drilling.

A dialogue started between the company and professor Magnus Berggren, a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and winner of the Marcus Wallenberg Price.


There must be a solution.

After four years of intense testing and research, they proved their thesis. Measuring moisture with non-destructive technology was possible.


But the final product still needed work.

The research institute Acreo (RISE) took over in 2009. They intended to implement the advanced technology in a simple, smart design and made great progress.

But as always, with great inventions, a few bumps along the way are expected.

A coloring agent turned out to be cancerous. And they needed to optimize the steps in the production line.


There was still work to do.

Enter Janne Strandberg, a talented physicist. After a quick look at the product, he said, "that will never work, try this instead."

His insights helped shape InviSense into what it is today – thin moisture sensors backed by years of deep research, helping site managers measure and control moisture in screed and concrete on floors, walls, roofs, pipes, and facades.


As we speak

And so, they continue defying the norms and bringing change one moisture sensor at a time.

Who knew the construction industry could be shaken up by such tiny devices?

But here we are, proving size doesn't matter when you're crafting a future where precision and sustainability aren't just words but the foundation of every European construction project.

The people of InviSense

From food and travel lovers to fitness enthusiasts, motorcycling nuts, and enjoyers of boating in Sweden's lovely archipelago, our team's backgrounds are as diverse as their skill sets.

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