InviSense makes the 33-list for the third time


Swedish newspaper Ny Teknik has reviewed 300 nominated companies and chosen the most innovative and promising young technology companies.

Every year Ny Teknik and the newspaper Affärsvärlden conduct a thorough review to select the 33 hottest start-up companies.

It is possible to be selected for a maximum of 3 years, and if the company succeeds with that you are a so called “Golden company”.

InviSense has proven to match the tough requirements and competition, and made it all the way to a Golden company.

– I am very happy about this, says Björn Garplind, InviSense CEO. This strengthens our commitment and creates great publicity around our concept.

– We continue to expand the use of the world’s thinnest moisture sensors and are just starting a Eurostars project to develop a simple-to-use and time saving method to measure curing of concrete.


Björn Garplind
0733 800 773