Measure moisture without destructive sampling

Our product portfolio includes sensors for different applications, scanners and mobile application when applicable, and a cloud service adapted to specific applications.

We develop industry-leading moisture sensors for different applications

Standard Moisture Sensor

Our StandardSensor can measure relative humidity in walls and floors. It is a passive and super thin sensor (like a sticky label), which makes it affordable. The components in the system are: The sensors installed, a scanner used for scanning the sensor values, a mobile phone application connected to the scanner for read out of values and a cloud service where all your installations, sensors and sensor values are stored for future analysis and visualization. It is a building block for quality assurance when wet rooms are partly repaired.
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Moisture measurements in screed

Our Screed Sensor helps you to take control of the dry out process of screed. Apart from knowing when the screed is dried out, another advantage is that also deviations from the expected dry out curve will be detected and energy consumption for drying can be significantly reduced.
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Concrete data

Our ConcreteSensor is the newest member in our product family. It is the first active sensor, meaning it is battery powered and there is no need for scanning. Its application is to measure humidity and temperature of drying concrete. The sensor is installed when the concrete is poured out and you can follow the dry-out via our web service. The battery life of the sensor is one year, if you have frequent measurements, otherwise it is longer.
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Flat roofs are subject to high loads day in, day out: Thermal influences such as heat, UV radiation and cold, moisture resulting from rain, standing water and building moisture, mechanical stress of the supporting structure from exposure to wind, ice and hail, work performed on superstructures and site inspections of the roof surfaces or technical defects in workmanship inevitably lead to ‘small’ leaks in the roof cladding over time.
The Roof Moisture Sensor is an important component in the roof maintenance activities. If you are building a flat roof for a customer, the built in RoofSensors will enable a much higher visibility of the moisture status of the roof and thus a more efficient maintenance.
This will result in earlier detection of moisture leaks, which in turn leads to lower maintenance cost, and better energy preservation (once a flat roof starts leaking, the energy balance changes dramatically).
We are in cooperation with Nordic Industrial Services, who are the worldwide reseller of the roof sensor.


Our PipeSensor is mainly used for Quality Assurance by our partner in Sweden – Preventum. It is passive as the Standard Sensor and uses the same scanner. The sensor is installed when pipes are repaired, and you want to prove that the repair of the pipe is tight and there is no leakage. Repairing pipes instead of tearing out large parts of the building is a huge cost and environment saver. To learn more about this kind of repairs in Sweden, check out Sluta Riv’s Home Page.
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Facades are a sensitive part of a building. Using our FacadeSensor it is possible to detect unwanted moisture between the façade surface and the inner walls. Of course without any destructive measurements.