Research leading to a useful product – moisture sensor for buildings

The product development started with the professor of Organic Electronics at Linköping University, Magnus Berggren, and his research team studied the possibilities within printed electronics. Several realizable ideas were found and one of them was a concept around thin and passive moisture sensors.

The result is InviSense passive moisture sensor which is placed behind the sealing layers in building constructions.

A robust sensor which is extremely thin, durable and cost efficient. No limiting battery times, doesn’t emit any radiation and doesn’t have any other negative effects.

InviSenses solution helps you find out if your building is moisture damaged or not and limit the extent of the damage. Until today it hasn’t been possible to do corresponding measurements without damaging the construction.

InviSenses extremely thin (less than 0.1mm) moisture sensor is placed in moisture sensitive places where you want to measure the moisture level. This enables the customer to discover moisture damage earlier and simpler, and to make a correct decision regarding whether to renovate or not.

Suspected moisture damage

A care home is suspecting moisture damage in a bathroom. A simple investigation is conducted and serious moisture damage is declared. The wall is torn down and it is quickly noted that it is completely dry behind the sealing layer.

The total cost to repair something that didn’t need to be repaired was 30 000 EUR.

External wall insulation

During several years, hundreds of thousands of buildings have been built with external wall insulation, which means putting plaster directly on the isolation against the outer wall. Water may penetrate the wall during damp weather and rain, and isn’t always able to ventilate quickly enough.

To measure the moisture in this type of construction you normally have to create a hole, which is something you want to avoid. It creates uncertainty and unnecessary costs.

Here is InviSense moisture sensor the given choice and may be part of the requirements from the purchaser.