Magasinet in Ebbe Park - Linköping

In the northeastern part of Ebbepark, the quarter Dynamiken is found. Here it will be a mix of housing, offices, services, school and a public park. Sankt Kors built Linköping’s first office building entirely in wood – Magasinet. However, building in wood is not the only innovative technology being adopted in the office building.

With InviSense’s new product, ScreedSensor, ultra-thin sensors based on printed electronics are molded into the screed when applied to the floor. After that, the sensors are scanned, and the data is transferred to a cloud service where the project manager can see how the dehydration is going. When the readings show that moisture levels are at a satisfactory level, a verifying measurement can be made with drill tests. Thanks to this, you can work proactively by putting in drying efforts and thus keeping to the schedule.