InviSense moisture sensor

Height: 77mm, Width: 62mm, Thickness: <0.1mm

Used for

Installed in locations where you want to measure the moisture level without destructive sampling.

Installation instructions


InviSense moisture scanner

Length: 400-1200mm, Width: 140mm, Weight: 0.7kg, Reading depth: Max 150mm

The moisture scanner is delivered in a protective case which also has space for the scanner accessories. The scanner handle is offered in two lengths, and to the longer alternative there is also a holder for your phone or tablet for easier handling.

Used for

Reads InviSense moisture sensors. The scanner is controlled with your own phone or tablet through our app. The app also shows you the location of the sensors, and gives you the possibility to save and upload measurement data in a structured manner via a connection to InviSense Cloud.

Moisture scanner (Swedish)Moisture scanner (English)
Scanner for moisture measurements

InviSense Cloud

Web based administration tool for InviSense moisture sensors.

Used for

Creating sensor installations to track measured values over time. Extracting statistics and reports to see changes in moisture levels in different constructions and, if required, combining the results with other data sources to understand what is going on inside the construction.

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