InviSense moisture sensor

Height: 77mm, Width: 62mm, Thickness: <0.1mm

Used for

Installed in locations where you want to measure the relative humidity without destructive sampling.

Installation instructions


InviSense moisture scanner

Length: 705-1830mm, Width: 140mm, Weight: 1.1kg, Reading depth: Max 150mm

The moisture scanner is delivered in a heavy duty case which also includes a tablet to enable data upload to InviSense Cloud, attachment for the tablet and a charger.

Used for

Measuring InviSense moisture sensors, via the tablet show where sensors are located, save and upload measurement data in a structured manner.


Moisture scanner (Swedish)Moisture scanner (English)Tablet holder (Swedish)

InviSense Cloud

Web based administration tool for InviSense moisture sensors.

Used for

Creating sensor installations to track measured values over time. Extracting statistics and reports to see changes in moisture levels in different constructions and, if required, combining the results with other data sources to understand what is going on inside the construction.

Customer portal

Wiotech active moisture sensors

As a complement to InviSense moisture sensors, InviSense sell and deliver active moisture sensors from Wiotech. The sensors measure relative humidity, temperature and moisture content in e.g. a truss. Through a cloud service you are able to immediately see the status of e.g. the attic or crawl space.

The batteries last at least 10 years and the sensors are IP65 classified.