InviSense made the 33-list for the second time


Once again InviSense has received the confirmation that we are one of the hottest start-ups in Sweden. With our patented and unique technology, which is developed together with RISE, Printed electronics arena and Linköpings University, InviSense continues its journey towards making previsouly unmeasurable things easily measurable.

InviSense wins Nordbyggs Guldmedalj 2019


We have the pleasure to announce that InviSense has won “Nordbyggs Guldmedalj 2019”, which is awarded to the product introduction of the year by representatives from the magazine Byggindustrin, the trade organization Svensk Byggtjänst and trade fair Nordbygg. We are of course very happy for the price and see it as another proof that our moisture sensors create value where they are installed and can help increase the knowledge of moisture damage in general.


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Lejonfastigheter has secured three buildings with moisture sensors


Lejonfastigheter AB har installed InviSense passive moisture sensors in three pilot projects: a care home, an activity center and a sports center. The projects started during 2017 and all three are expected to be finished during 2019.

“I am very happy with the collaboration and the product InviSense has contributed to our new productions” (translated)
Anton Sedin – Sustainability coordinator Lejonfastigheter

“Lejonfastigheter is one of the largest facility owners in Östergötland and it’s a sort of verification that such a large and long-term owner chooses to invest in our system” (translated), says Björn Garplind, CEO at InviSense.

Hammarö municipality invests in innovative solutions in construction project


In August 2017 construction started for what will become Hammarö municipalitys new care home at Djupängen. Since then the home which will include 120 apartments started to grow. They are investing in measurable installations to ensure quality and prevent moisture damage.

With InviSense passive moisture sensors, which are added to the drawings already at a CAD-level, Hans Nordenberg, Hammarö municipalitys project manager in the Djupängen project, considers that the installations are secured and gives a safe and measurable indoor environment for the future.

Översikt Djupängen

“Previously it has been hard or impossible to indicate moisture within constructions without breaking and damaging the layers in front, for example are we interested in knowing that sealing layers and floor drain in the wet rooms keep tight. It’s not uncommon with leakage around floor drains, also in new constructions”, says Hans.

InviSense moisture sensors are thinner than 0.1mm, easy to install and very durable.
“This is exactly how our customers benefit from our super thin moisture sensors, place them in places where it previously hasn’t been possible or hard to measure, and make it measureable” (translated), says Björn Garplind from InviSense, and continues: “that you are able to measure during many years contributes to having control of the building’s status and enabling repair of only what’s broken. It’s not uncommon to think that a wet room is moisture damaged, due to an ocular inspection, which after being broken down turns out to be completely dry”.

It’s not about putting anyone on the spot, it’s about actually knowing the status under the sealing layer, in order to avoid a harmful indoor environment.

Hammarö Kommun

Hammarö Municipality consists of an island in the northern part of lake Vänern, surrounded by cliffs and shimmering water. The municipality has more than 16 000 inhabitants and the main city is Skoghall. With 59 square kilometer Hammarö is one of the smallest municipalities in Sweden, area wise. Hammarö is located in Värmland county and is a part of the Karlstad region.

InviSense AB
InviSense develops and sells an extremely thin moisture sensor which measures RH% (relative humidity) in buildings without destructive sampling, i.e. wireless. With the unique moisture sensors and InviSense cloud based service, facility owners are now able to simply measure, analyze and secure the relative humidity in facilities – and take measures in time.

InviSense products have been developed at Printed Electronics Arena in Norrköping in collaboration with Linköping University and RISE Acreo. The company was separated from RISE Acreo during 2013.