New reseller

We welcome Andersson-Nielsen AB as a reseller of InviSense products. The company, which mainly operates in the western parts of Sweden, offers several qualified services within construction advisory services and other related services.

“InviSense solution strengthens our offering and we see it as a way to future proof our work methods. It’s hard or impossible to measure some construction parts without damaging methods” says Lars Nielsen, CEO of Andersson-Nielsen and adds ” We are certain that there will be a requirement for measurability to be able to prove the quality you aspire for, without measuring correctly you can’t know”.

Björn Garplind comments Lars Nielsen’s statement “Andersson-Nielsen is a company that have a service offering where InviSense solution can add great value, their customers request measurable quality. The competition for the increasingly more demanding house buyers is getting tougher, which makes it important to be able to prove quality. What is quality without measurability?”.

About Andersson-Nielsen

The company Andersson-Nielsen was founded in 2010. Our direction has since the start been to offer advisory services within the construction sector and we undertake assignments for everything between small houses to construction advisory services.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the construction sector and 10 years experience from the offshore-industry with engineering and project management.

About InviSense

InviSense develops and sells an extremely thin moisture sensor which measures RH% (relative humidity) within building constructions without damaging measures, i.e. wirelessly. With the unique moisture sensors and InviSense Cloud, property owners can now easily measure, analyze and ensure the moisture status of real estate – and take action in time.

InviSense products have been developed at Printed Electronics Arena in Norrköping in collaboration with Linköping University and RISE Acreo. The company was split from RISE Acreo in 2013.

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