Eurostars project – Moisture sensor for concrete for the European market

InviSense has recieved a grant from Eureka/Eurostars to develop InviSense unique moisture sensor technology to enable measurement of concrete during the curing process in a simple and effective manner.

There are several existing techonologies for conrete moisture measurements. It is hard and expensive. With new concrete blends that are developed to decrease the environmental impact and ensure faster curing, it is even more challenging to do correct moisture measurements.

InviSense are hoping to be able to supply a moisture sensor which gives a simpler and cheaper way to measure curing of concrete.

– We will also investigate the possibility of passive temperature measurement in the same passive moisture sensor solution, says Anders Friberg, InviSense project manager. A couple of other possibilities will also be investigated, Anders continues.

The project is done togetner with project partners in Sweden and Finland.

In Sweden:

  • RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • Ynvisible Production AB, for development and production of printed electronics

In Finland:

  • Kronqvist Ingenjörsbyrå
  • Wärtsilä
  • Betset

Subcontracted work will also be done by specialists in industrial design, plastics manufacturing and software development.

– If we are able to reach our goals I am certain we will offer a very useful solution to simplify concrete moisture measurements, says Björn Garplind, InviSense CEO. In the investigations we have conducted we have found a need to measure more often and simpler, in comparison to what existing technologies allow for, both with regards to cost and handling. In addition to being simple to use, the solution needs to be robust due to the harsh environment. This is where we see our sensor being useful.

The project will result in a complete solution (moisture sensors, casing, scanner, software and procedures) and will be conducted over two years, with a budget of about 9 MSEK (~900 000 EUR).


Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by research and development- performing small- and medium-sized enterprises (R&D-performing SMEs). With its bottom-up approach, Eurostars supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services that help improve the daily lives of people around the world. Eurostars has been carefully developed to meet the specific needs of SMEs. It is an ideal first step in international cooperation, enabling small businesses to combine and share expertise and benefit from working beyond national borders.


InviSense develops and sells an extremely thin moisture sensor which measures RH% (relative humidity) within building constructions without damaging measures, i.e. wirelessly. With the unique moisture sensors and InviSense Cloud, property owners can now easily measure, analyze and ensure the moisture status of real estate – and take action in time.

InviSense products have been developed at Printed Electronics Arena in Norrköping in collaboration with Linköping University and RISE Acreo. The company was split from RISE Acreo in 2013.


As the challenges in society become increasingly complex, innovation alone is not enough; you need a strong innovation partner who can provide comprehensive support and a broad range of perspectives. That is RISE. We are a research institute accommodating a wide range of research areas, testbeds and demonstration facilities as well as 2800 problem solvers.


Ynvisible develops and markets interactiv printed displays (ECD) and offers production of Printed electronics. We design and produce a number of displays that are light, thin, flexible, robust and that have a low energy consumption which makes them suitable for applications within logistics, commerce, health and other consumer products.

The IoT market is prepared for fast expansion and printed electronics are an important enabler by offering a flexible form factor, low energy consumption and cost efficient production with printing processes such as screen printing. More and more IoT products that are launched in different markets are only the beginning for IoT. Ynvisibles unique mix of services, products, materials and technology makes us one of the leading companies within Printed electronics and enables us to offer both displays and complete solutions to our customers now that different IoT products are having their breakthrough on the market.

Ingenjörsbyrå Kronqvist Ab

The company is a part of Kronqvistbolagen, a small group with a big heart, which offers services and complete solutions within the construction business. Ingenjörsbyrå Kronqvist Ab are specialized in building and construction planning as well as real eastate consultation focusing on moisture and indoors climate. We have all of Finland as our working field.


Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. By emphasising sustainable innovation, total efficiency and data analytics, Wärtsilä maximises the environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its customers.


The company was founded in 1950 in Kyyjärvi, when Toivo Löytönen built a cement foundry in his father’s fields and started manufacturing well tires. As a result, the company gradually expanded and today Betset is Finland’s second largest supplier of concrete building elements. We operate in nine locations and, thanks to our extensive factory network, we are always able to offer fast and reliable delivery.

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