Measuring moisture

InviSense is a Swedish company, founded in 2016, in the building and construction business. We provide affordable sensors for moisture measurements in the construction process and for long term quality assurance and maintenance of buildings.

Where our sensors are making a difference


Making the dry out of screed measurable. The same sensor installation can be used for long term quality assurance and control after the flooring has been performed.


Making the dry out of concrete measurable.

Installing our sensors in building or building components, makes the building/component smart.

It can be asked what the moisture level is, which is invaluable to find damage stemming from unwanted moisture. This will limit the effect of the damage on roofs, in bathrooms, or other areas that a prone to moisture penetration.

You as a supplier can prove the quality of your installation by making the quality measurable.

Effective troubleshooting

If a damage has occurred, having InviSense sensors in place will enable to exactly determine the areas that are affected. No unnecessary tearing down of fully functional parts will save money and reduce environmental impact.

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Björn Garplind
Chief Executive Officer

Predrag Pucar
Chief Operating Officer

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